This page contains a chronological list of my compositions. Many full scores and parts are available upon request. Please use the contact form for additional information or if you would like to perform a piece. I also offer services as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and engraver on an individual basis.

Reflections on a Hildegard Refrain for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, 2018
Performed by Unheard-of//Ensemble

Corporate Interiors for flute, oboe, horn, trombone, viola, double bass, and drum set, 2017
Performed by Contemporaneous conducted by David Bloom

Glimpsing the Phoenix for variations on Pierrot ensemble, 2016
Performed by Contemporaneous conducted by David Bloom
I. Glimpsing

II. The Phoenix*

The Marriage of Figaros for clarinet and piano, 2015
Performed by Igor Begelman (clarinet) and Steven Beck (piano)

Eight Again for shakuhachi, 2015
Performed by Austin Shadduck

For Choro* for flute, trombone, guitar, and pandeiro, 2014
Commissioned and performed by Choro Down Neck

Two Movements for Horn and Bassoon, 2014
Performed by Casey Cronan (horn) and Annamaria Kis-Ven (bassoon)
Commissioned by William Wheeler and Washington Square Winds
YouTube video
I. Gigue*

II. Processional

A Late Trio for flute, violin, and cello, 2014
Performed by Roberta Michel (flute), Patti Kilroy (violin), and Meaghan Burke (cello)
Commissioned by Cadillac Moon Ensemble

Workin’ Progress for piano, 2014
Performed by Steven Beck

Vocalise for chamber orchestra, 2013
Performed by the Contemporary Music Ensemble conducted by David Bridges
Commissioned by Whitney George

White Buildings for tenor and piano, 2013
Text by Hart Crane
Performed by Chad Cygan (tenor) and Steven Beck (piano)
I. Recitative (Part 1) attacca II. My Grandmother’s Love Letters

III. Garden Abstract

IV. Recitative (Part 2)

Disparate Structures for violin, viola, and electric guitar, 2012
Performed by Lisa Tipton (violin), Gregory Williams (viola), and John Dunlap (guitar)
I. Timbre

II. Melody

III. Rhythm & Phrasing

Pagan Holiday for flute, oboe, violin, cello, and two acoustic guitars, 2012
Performed by Cygnus Ensemble
I. Prelude

II. Pagan Holiday

Drum Circles for three djembes, 2011
Performed by Patrick Kennedy, Hunyong Kim, and Rich Weismantel

My Grandmother’s Love Letters for tenor and piano, 2011
Text by Hart Crane
Performed by Robert Ariza (tenor) and Kristin Barone (piano)
YouTube video

This Mortal Coil for Pierrot ensemble plus percussion, 2011
Performed by Lunatics at Large
YouTube video (dance version)
American Modern Ensemble conducted by Tania León
Dance Theatre of Harlem featuring Da’Von Doane, choregraphy
Emiko Flanagan & Jehbreal Jackson, dance

Three Psychodramas for piano, 2010
Performed by Sunny Knable
YouTube video
I. Octave Compulsive

II. Suspicious Thirds

III. Scherzophrenia

In Search of Melody for orchestra, 2010
Reading by the Queens College Orchestra (missing cl. 2, bsn. 2, pno.)

White Funk (Under the Influence) for string quartet, 2010
Performed by Dynamic Motion String Quartet
YouTube video

Shofar, So Good for flute, 2010
Performed by Chia-Ching Mao
YouTube video

Now We’re Cooking, theme for piano, 2010
Commissioned by Katie Bowers for YouTube video series, Kitchen Kids

Floating on the Breath of Time* for chamber orchestra, 2010
Based on the second movement of Haiku
Reading by the Queens College Orchestra

Haiku for shakuhachi (or flute) and guitar, 2010
Performed by Austin Shadduck (shakuhachi) and Sarah Soller (guitar)
I. Music in autumn

II. Floating on the breath of time

III. As a falling leaf

Freeflow Phoenix for oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, 2009
Performed by Second Instrumental Unit conducted by David Fulmer

Komusō for clarinet, 2009
Performed by Eun Hyung Kim

Follow That Mustache! for wind ensemble, 2009
Commissioned and performed by the Binghamton High School Wind Ensemble conducted by Joel Smales
YouTube video

Three Studies in the Style of Bach for keyboard, 2008
I. Gigue

II. Chorale Prelude

III. Fugue in D Minor

Reconstructing Babel, electroacoustic work for playback, 2008
Based on a text by E. E. Cummings

Coming of Age for wind ensemble, 2008
Reading by the University of Rochester Wind Symphony

Wash, Rinse, Repeat, electroacoustic work for playback, 2007

Waltz for Debby (excerpt) by Bill Evans, arrangement for big band, 2007
Reading by the Eastman Jazz Ensemble

Happy Trails for SATB saxophone quartet and jazz piano trio, 2007

Wind Quintet, 2007

Pure Imagination by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley, arrangement for small jazz ensemble, 2007

Night Song (excerpt) for mezzo-soprano and string quartet, 2006

Die Nacht for soprano and piano, 2005
Text by Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff

Costa del Sol by Nobuo Uematsu, arrangement for large jazz ensemble, 2004

Song for the Viola for viola and piano, 2004

A Piano Trio That Never Was for AATB saxophone quartet, 2004